Potato Industry
Potato is the second most important food crop, after maize in Kenya. It is cultivated by over 800,000 growers who are mostly small holder.

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The National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK) is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and a multistakeholder organization that has the responsibility of planning, organizing and coordinating value chain activities of the potato sub-sector and developing it into a robust, competitive and self-regulating industry. Its organizational structure enables it to draw synergies from a wide membership, representing all stakeholders and actors in the potato industry.
Potato industry emerges a leading contributor to stable incomes, food security and improved welfare in Kenya
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Coordinate and regulate potato sub-sector stakeholders towards development of potato industry profitability and livelihoods improvement
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To create an enabling environment for effective and efficient potato value chains for growth and development of a self-regulating potato industry.
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Latest Potato News

Nutritional value of potato

For some time now, the potato has been regarded as junk food, especially with the increasing consumption of french fries […]

Maximum standard potato packaging weight

NPCK in collaboration with MoALF, AFA and County Government of potato growing Counties has been following up on the issues […]

Nyandarua county potato strategy

NPCK in collaboration with County Government of Nyandarua has been reviewing the Nyandarua County Potato Strategy to align it with […]


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